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As a retailer, you might fit into more than one category. The good news is that your entry fee allows you to enter up to three categories or choose the one that best suits the way you do business. ...


RISQ New Zealand helps businesses protect their people, assets and information as well as their reputation. We have teamed up with Retail NZ to provide an affordable solution to help keep your staf...
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2017 Wall Planner

Download your 2017 Retail NZ Wall Planner here! We've uploaded different file types and sizes for printing professionally or on your home/office computer.

Earthquake Advice

Is your business impacted by earthquakes? Should you need it, we have prepared some short advice dealing with employment and insurance issues.
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Retail NZ is here for you. Save time and money, so you can put your energy into delivering a great experience for your customers and keep them coming back...

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Pokémon Go is perhaps the most addictive thing in mobile games right now. Bayleys commercial, retail and operations director Lloyd Budd explains the phenomenon.
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