Westpac's long partnership with Retail NZ to support the growth of New Zealands retail industry provides our members with a range of special deals including...

Easter Sunday Trading

In August 2016 the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 was amended, and resulted in three key changes...
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Our #ShopLocal social media campaign is about encouraging New Zealanders to shop locally and make a difference in their communities...

Top Shop Categories 2017

As a retailer, you might fit into more than one category. The good news is that your entry fee allows you to enter up to three categories or choose the one that best suits the way you do business. ...
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The Register

Butter, milk, bread, liqueur – there’s no limits on which food and beverage category Lewis Road Creamery might disrupt next. Co-founder Peter Cullinane talks cross-category innovation.

The Register

In the age of social media, fast food companies have been forced into tussling with the online rumour mill. What might, at first, start as a silly conversation between friends can, in the matter of...
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