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Regardless of your industry or sector, common laws apply to every business. Lexis ComplyHub was made for people to understand and manage their legal obligations.

It's core compliance information and guidance for all businesses in one central place.

ComplyHub crosschecks the business profile you generate against your legal obligations. You'll get factual, straight-talking legal and regulatory information in plain English, plus next steps, tools, guides and resources.

Think of ComplyHub as your safeguard against preventable fines and damage to your business's reputation that could be avoidable, making your business better and more informed.

ComplyHub offers practical guidance covering 6 core topics:

  • Tax
  • Products & Services
  • Employment
  • Companies
  • Marketing
  • Health & Safety and more.

ComplyHub is a subscription-based service, charged annually. As a member of Retail NZ, claim your 40% discount on the recommended retail price. Discount code for Retail NZ members: RNZDiscount40p

When you complete the business questions, you will unlock ComplyHub's free Health & Safety section.