Get the permission you need to play music in your store quickly and easily with a OneMusic licence. When you hold a OneMusic licence you are supporting the people that make the music you love, while covering off your legal obligations when playing music in a business setting (the "public performance" of music).

When you buy, stream or download music you buy the rights to use that music in a domestic setting - at home, in your car, and at your private parties. When you take that music and play it in a commercial environment however, you need permission from the people that created the music you play. Enter OneMusic.

A OneMusic licence grants you the permission you need to play music "in public". Through agreements with music rights organisations around the world, a OneMusic licence grants you permission to use virtually all music from anywhere in the world - from local indie rock bands to the world's biggest pop stars.

Having permission to play music "in public" (including retail stores), is a legal requirement under the Copyright Act (1994).

WHO ARE OneMusic

OneMusic is a joint initiative between the two organisations that administer music rights in New Zealand, APRA AMCOS - who represent songwriters, composers and music publishers - and Recorded Music NZ - who represent owners of sound recordings (usually recording artists and record labels).

Both APRA and Recorded Music NZ are member organisations, which means that after administration costs all licence fees collected are paid to music creators as royalties.


Music licences for retail stores depend on the size of your store and how you play music, starting from as little as $1 per day. Visit the retail section of the OneMusic website to view the rates for your store or just click here.


Read answers to the most commonly asked questions about music licensing on the OneMusic website, or on the Retail NZ website here.