SeriSafe is for all retailers, securing items to customers at point of sale. This increases security for the customer and their item to reduce not only theft but the resale of stolen property. SeriSafe offers a free serial number check for anyone to use to ensure they are not purchasing stolen or blacklisted items.

SeriSafe can increase retail store profits through our profit share and provide valuable data to grow your business for an enhanced customer experience.

Retailer benefits:

  • Free Business subscription saving Retail NZ members $120 per year on inventory for goods protection.
  • Your customers get the first 6 months free and thereafter it's $1 per month for 1 item and $2 per month for 2 or more items - It's a great value add for your customers; they can then add other items in their home or business to SeriSafe.
  • Serisafe gives your customers the ability to flag items as missing / stolen should a theft or loss occur reducing the ability to on-sell by criminals. In real time.
  • Items being sold can be marked as 'for sale' for a safer trading experience.

SeriSafe is inexpensive and charged to the customer at point of sale. A free account is created and the customer receives 6 months free protection with a temp password to use on first login.