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The growth in tourism from China has been exponential.

China arrivals are forecasted to grow at 12.1% per year, reaching 913k in 2023. Chinese tourists are travelling everywhere in New Zealand with more of them making their own decisions on where they stay and what and where they buy.

The overwhelming majority of those Chinese travellers carry their UnionPay cards when they travel abroad, given that UnionPay is the most popular card brand in China.

And UnionPay now offer contactless and QR code payment services, making it even easier to pay with mobile and wearable devices.

Don't miss out on this tourist boom and be prepared by accepting the world's most issued card.

  • For the year ending April 2018, Chinese visitor expenditure has reached $1,503b in New Zealand, with average spend of $4,068 per visitor.
  • Over 7 billion UnionPay Cards are issued worldwide, 170 countries and regions now accept UnionPay Cards.
  • Over 50,000 businesses in New Zealand already accept UnionPay Cards.

Call your bank today to be able to accept UnionPay Cards in your business.