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Z Card benefits for our members

If you are a Retail New Zealand member, then Z Card is a highly effective administrative tool, whether your fleet consists of 1, 2 or 20 vehicles.
Your drivers simply present their Z Card every time they fill up at a Z service station or truck stop. You'll automatically save on paperwork, hassle and even fuel prices!


Payment is easy - Z Card gives your drivers a simple tool for refuelling work vehicles. No mucking around with petty cash. No reimbursing drivers who are out-of-pocket. No need for company credit cards.

Save time with Xero - Link your Z Card with Xero, and get a copy of your Z Card invoice data fed directly into Xero, so it's easier to keep your accounts up-to-date.

Tax invoices - The Z Card statement is an itemised TAX INVOICE, so no more problems when drivers lose till receipts.

More purchasing options - Choose from a range of purchasing options. You can be specific about what products and services your drivers can purchase, which gives you greater control.

Odometer readings - With your new Z Card you can make it compulsory for drivers to enter an odometer reading every time they make a fuel purchase.

Direct debit - Convenient payment by direct debit: set and forget.

Numerous locations - With one of the largest networks in New Zealand, Z has the country covered. Check out z.co.nz/find-us for your nearest location

Customer support - Any queries can be dealt with quickly and efficiently by our support team on 0800 472 472 or e-mail zcard@retail.org.nz.


Choose a compulsory PIN - By giving you the option to make PIN entry compulsory for your cards, lost or stolen cards cannot be used by others. (PIN required for truck stops).

Usage limits - Choose from a range of daily and monthly usage limits (in dollars or litres) for each card for added protection.

Allocate cards to people or vehicles - Specify that a Z Card is only used by a particular staff member for a particular vehicle or,
A staff member using any car in your fleet or,
Allocate a Z Card to a pool vehicle and allow any of your staff to use the Z Card to fill the car up.


Be rewarded with Fly Buys points or Airpoints Dollars - Earn one Fly Buys point for every $50 (incl GST) or one Airpoints Dollar for every $200 (incl GST) spent on fuel each month.

Fuel savings at service stations - Save 7 cents per litre off the pump price of petrol or diesel, including GST.

Fuel savings at truck stops - Save 12.5 cents per litre off the national list price of diesel, including GST.

Discount at VTNZ - Show your Z Card at VTNZ to enjoy 15% off the standard WoF and CoFA for cars and light vehicles. Cash sales only. CoFA discount excludes vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

Account fee - None.

Transaction fee - None.

Set-up fee - None.

Card fee - $1.00 per month.

Be sure to use the following offer codes when going through the application process:

  • Retail NZ members only: RETAILNZ1
  • Tourism NZ members only: RETAILNZT
  • Business NZ members only: RETAILNZB
  • Hospitality NZ members only: RETAILNZH

Want to get in touch with Z? You can call them on 0800 474 355.