Z Card - the card for Kiwi businesses

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Retail NZ Members can save time and money with Z Card,

Save Fuel

Save on fuel

Get 7 cents per litre off the advertised pump price when you use your Z Card at Z service stations and 12.5 cents off the national list price at Z truck stops.

Plus show your Z Card and get 15% off WoFs and CoFAs at VTNZ outlets nationwide (excludes vehicles over 3.5 tonnes).

Fly Buys4 Z Card

Only Z has Fly Buys

Earn Fly Buys (or Airpoints Dollars if you prefer) when filling up at Z service stations. You'll get one point for every $50 (incl GST) spent on fuel each month.

Fly Buys terms and conditions

Zip Through Z

Zip Through Z

Save time with Pay at pump, more diesel lanes, super long hoses and Forecourt Concierge ready to help, 10am-5pm everyday.

Plus, With Z Card there are no account set up fees or transaction fees, simply a $1.00 card fee per month, to get all of the details about the Retail NZ Z Card click here.

The sooner you get started with your Z Card the more savings and benefits you will enjoy.

Terms and Conditions apply, for details click "apply now".

Be sure to use the following offer codes when going through the application process:

  • Retail NZ members only: RETAILNZ1
  • Tourism NZ members only: RETAILNZT
  • Business NZ members only: RETAILNZB