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New Zealand Couriers

New Zealand Couriers provides Retail NZ members with exclusive products & discounted offers to suit the needs of the various types of retail businesses.


ToMyDoor is a new nationwide contactless delivery business that is proving popular compared to traditional forms of delivery from business to consumer. Advantages both shoppers and organisations are appreciating include:

  • Most delivery people hold a P License and have been police vetted, have a strong history in compliance and really like people.
  • Nationwide Call Centre that is 'onto it'.
  • It's insanely inexpensive at this stage because of scale.


Connec+ isn't your ordinary agency, we're part of your team. We've been retailers so we know what selling is all about. We're about creating websites and digital campaigns that look great which deliver an easy path to purchase for your customers and most importantly, money in your bank. We've been delivering best-in-class retail marketing services to our clients for over seven years through finding, connecting, and retaining meaningful relationships that deliver brand awareness and revenue growth for our clients.

Harper Digital

Harper Digital, are here to help you get your store online, ecommerce ready so you are able to promote your business and products using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.


Here at Limesharp, our strengths lie in our creative designs, backed up by technical know-how, which helps us create an ecommerce website that is the right fit for your customers and your business.

We pride ourselves on being able to handle anything our clients can throw at us. Whether that comes in the form of exciting design challenges, integrating with third-party software, streamlining systems and processes, improving conversion rates, or extending core functionality, we thrive on innovation and delivering results.


Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.


TheMarket is a lifestyle-focused online shopping experience, featuring a huge curated range of new products from the most desirable international, local, and niche brands.

TheMarket experience reduces friction with all prices in $NZ, interest-free instalment payments via PartPay, tracked shipping, and free returns via a network of MarketPoints within our partners' retail locations.

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AdvanceRetail Technology

Retail. It's all about service. Always has been, always will be.

AdvanceRetail delivers solutions that allow retailers to compete and win in todays global, omni-channel and 24/7 market. From head office management to point of sale and mobile point of service, AdvanceRetail delivers the information you need to stock your stores and serve your customers.


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Updated 17th November 2020.