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Vesta Central

Vesta Central provides a cloud based product data sharing platform enabling suppliers to share their digital product data (images, descriptions, codes etc.) to multiple retailers via one secure channel. The process is very simple and saves both suppliers and retailers time and money, not having to send or receive product data via multiple requests and channels.

Vesta Central is based in Albany Auckland.


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Titan IT

Titan IT provide Specially discounted packages to NZ Retail members:

Microsoft Office 365: Business Class email - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and more.

IT Managed Services: Managed Anti-virus, Managed Back-up, Remote support, Service Desk manned by engineers.

Public Cloud - Amazon Web Services, Azure and Alicloud: Consultancy - Cloud Readiness, Hybrid solutions, free solution design, optimisation and on-going technical support.

Hardware Procurement: Laptops, Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets, Printers, Digital signage and all manner of hardware to make doing business easier.

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