Who are we?

The New Zealand Sports Industry Association Inc was formed in March 1987 by merging the NZ Sports Dealers Federation and the NZ Sports Goods Industries Association into one organisation. This body was called the NZ Sports Goods Association which held its first AGM in June 1987. Pat Williams, John Vaughan & Co Ltd., was elected President and Jack Carter was appointed Executive Director. In March 1997 the association changed its name to the NZ Sports Industry Association Inc to reflect the changing type of membership.

As from the 1st April 2007 the NZ Sports Industry Association became a specialty trade group within the NZ Retailers Association Inc. The New Zealand Sports Industry Association is a trade membership association made up of suppliers and retailers formed in 1987 to help strengthen and integrate the activities of members involved in the sports industry.


  • Promote the sale of sporting, leisure and recreational equipment and services to the consumer through the member chain of supply
  • Encourage New Zealanders to take a more active part in sport and recreation
  • Educate and assist our members to operate effective, profitable and successful businesses
  • Influence Government and other legislative bodies on issues in the best interests of the industry
  • Develop and maintain benefits and services for all sectors of our membership
  • Maintain an organisation structure that addresses the expectations and the needs of industry

How can I join?

To enquire about an NZSIA membership, please email or phone:

Phone: (09) 845 3563