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Who are we?

The Pet Industry Association of New Zealand (PIA) is a non-profit specialist trade group within Retail NZ, and maintains close links with PIAA Australia. The PIA aims to monitor all legislation relative to the industry in both Australia and New Zealand and to be proactive in advocating on behalf of the pet industry on a variety of issues.

The PIA is the collective voice for New Zealand's pet retailing and wholesaling industries. We provide the opportunity for members to have their say on issues affecting their livelihoods, and to benefit from resources and knowledge that contribute to their efficiency and profitability.

How can I join the PIA?

Membership is open to any New Zealand based company, or overseas company represented in New Zealand, involved in the retailing and wholesaling of pet related products and services.

For details, phone or email our Trade Group Administrator:

Phone: 027 265 1380
Email: emily.duncan@retail.kiwi