Retail NZ Sustainability Forum

The focus of the forum is: Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing

Whether we are talking clothing, electronics, homewares, or food, Asian Supply Chains play a vital role in the New Zealand Economy for the supply of consumer goods, industrial commodities, and labour. Supply Chain transparency and brands' social and environmental responsibility in their offshore supply chains has been an area of emerging interest over the past decade or more. Leading brands have been progressively deepening their own due diligence and development programmes in Asia.n This work is challenging yet often not understood by consumers and media, despite tangible evidence of progress made.

The purpose of the forum is:

  • to share non-competitive information about sustainability best-practice across the sector, to enable retailers to learn from each other and apply learnings;
  • to hear from guest speakers about best practice in supply chain management; and
  • to provide a networking forum for retailers interested in sustainability.

Key questions for discussion are:

  • What are New Zealand companies doing in these regions to ensure that New Zealand's sense of fairness and justice is being reflected in the way we operate in Asia?
  • What does best practice look like?
  • What are the emerging international trends in sustainable supply chain management that we can learn from?
  • What systemic challenges do we face?

To view the full agenda, please click here.

When: Monday 9 March 2020

Time: 9:30am - 1:00pm. Join us for tea and coffee from 9am

Cost: There is no cost to attend this forum.

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