Top Shop Categories 2017

As a retailer, you might fit into more than one category. The good news is that your entry fee allows you to enter up to three categories or choose the one that best suits the way you do business. It's completely up to you! To top it off you'll automatically be entered into People's Choice when you enter any other category. If you're unsure where your store fits, please get in touch and we'll help to identify the best category for you.

Top Shop Categories Best Large Retailer


This one is for the big guys!
You will belong to a national/multi store retail group or franchise, with three or more stores nationwide. You must enter as an individual entity. Your store can be of any genre, selling any product, as long as you show excellence across all areas of your business.

Top Shop Categories Best Small Retailer


Small but mighty!
You are a small/single store retailer with one or two stores nationwide. Your store may be of any genre, selling any product, and show excellence across all areas of your business.

Top Shop Categories Customer Experience


Your world revolves around your customer!
We're looking for examples of excellence that you have introduced or delivered, which demonstrate you/your business understand the commercial benefits of commitment to customer service, and providing a great customer experience in-store, online or both. This award is open to retailers of any size operating through any channel or combination of channels.

Top Shop Categories Investment In People


You invest in the people who are investing in you!
This award recognises contribution to talent development, whether at junior level or for senior managers. It assesses the value your business places on investing in training and education of your people, and the positive effect this has on the culture of your workplace. This award supports promotion of retail as a career.
It is open to stores of any size.

Top Shop Categories Innovation Award


Do you think outside the box?
We are looking for examples of services, applications, technologies, practices or capabilities, which directly impact sales or are helping to change the retail landscape. This category can include sustainability processes that impact people's lives socially, environmentally or financially. These practices/initiatives may not always be large, business-transforming initiatives, but they are significant for reflecting new ways of thinking in retail and demonstrate tangible results that impact peoples' lives. It is open to stores of any size.

Top Shop Categories Visual Merchandising


Creativity is key!
This recognises your outstanding and innovative retail display and visual merchandising strategies and techniques. We'll assess your displays from the shop window through the store, as integral to the retail experience. Delivering creative flair and style can be achieved without a significant investment, so this is open to large and
small retailers alike, operating through any channel
or combination of channels.

Top Shop Categories Up&Coming Retailer


You're going places!
Open to people of any age who are working in retail & have completed, or are in the process of completing, a recognised retail qualification. They demonstrate commitment and passion and are an outstanding example to their colleagues and co-workers. Entrants must be nominated with the support of their employer or you can nominate yourself. It only costs $25 to nominate a retail star for this category or it can be included as one of your three category choices.

Top Shop Categories Omnichannel


Retail has no boundary for you!
Open to retailers who trade across a combination of channels including a physical store and digital platforms. Digital platforms include, but not limited to, mobile apps; e-newsletters; website & social media. Your omnichannel approach is constantly developing to keep up with the change in consumer behaviours. We'll be looking at the transition from store across to other channels, to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Top Shop Categories Purplay E Tailer


Online is your thing!
Your retail business is purely online and you don't have any physical stores where customers can shop. You will demonstrate how your online and digital practices enhance your business efficiencies and customer experiences.

Top Shop Categories Peoples Choice


Do your customers love you?
This award is open to all stores who have entered at least one other category and is judged by public vote - your customers. We've taken all the hard work out - you're automatically entered into People's Choice and votes will be collected online. We'll send you a toolkit to make it easy to promote voting to your customers in-store, on your website or both.