Busy shopping periods quickly approaching


Are you ready for the biggest shopping season of the year?

Black Friday promises to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year for retailers, followed by Cyber Monday. However, there are also a few other days that promise to be big days for retailers across the country and it's good to start preparing for these.

Golden Week is a Chinese national holiday that begins on 1 October and last for 7 days. Over this week, there is an estimated number of more than 705 million Chinese travellers, a proportion of which will come to New Zealand for a holiday. It can be expected that there will be an increase in tourism and spending from Chinese visitors during that week, particularly if you are in a major tourist area. It's a good idea to make sure you can make the most of these opportunities by having all payments options available, so if you don't already accept Union Pay, you might want to make sure it's switched on. Just ask us how!

11 November is also an important, although unofficial, Chinese holiday, known as Single's Day. This day has become one of the largest offline and online shopping days in the world, with Chinese consumers spending on a variety of websites and retail outlets globally, wherever they are. It is worth considering if special deals or product is worth stocking and marketing to your customers for this one day event - which could help lead retailers to hit the black ahead of December. Black Friday is late in November this year, occurring on Friday 29 November and Cyber Monday falling on 1 December. This will be an incredibly busy time for retailers, retail staff and consumers alike.

Check out our Christmas Page for all you need to know to prepare for the biggest shopping season of the year and get some guidance from our experts on merchandising, how to pay your staff on public holidays and shop trading restrictions for Christmas Day.

Published in the 29th October 2019 edition of Talking Shop.

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