Top Ten Tips for People's Choice

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Get your customer to show you some love

  1. A call to action: Don't forget to tell your audience exactly what you want them to do. Make sure you always include a link to the voting platform, and tell them what you want to do: “vote for us to win the People’s Choice Award”.

  2. Don't be shy: Your Facebook posts organically reach only a small portion of your total audience, so don't be afraid of sharing something more than once. There are also 3 different newsfeed images available for you to use so you can keep things fresh! Your fans can vote for you once PER DAY, so keep reminding them of that!

  3. Tell a story: The reason your customers are going to vote for you to win People's Choice is because they're already fans of your products and what you do. Don't forget to remind them of exactly that, by telling your story through photos of your staff, your store and your products.

  4. Utilise all of your channels: Tweet, email, Facebook,Instagram - whatever you use. Highlight it on your website, on your shop counter, and in your shop window. Cross-promoting will help you reach a wider audience than you would if you focused on just one channel. Don't forget to tell your customers about it when they're in your store too.

  5. Encourage advocacy: Your biggest fans will want you to win, so encourage them to "share" your social media posts with their family and friends - to get them to vote for you too. Your fans can help you reach a much wider network than your business page will ever reach on its own.

  6. Remember your brand's voice: You may be using the Retail NZ illustrations, but you can still use your own/brand's voice, whatever that may be, when promoting the campaign on social media channels. Your audience should be able to see that it's an authentic campaign, run by you.

  7. Use the #TopShopAwards hashtag: We're using the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and we're encouraging others to as well. By using the #TopShopAwards hashtag to promote your People's Choice entry you can expose your brand to a wider audience. Have a look for other hashtags that are relevant to your brand (eg. #Homeware), and use those too.

  8. Find the best days and times to post: The time and day that an audience is online varies from brand to brand - some audiences are online during business hours, some on weeknights or weekends. Analyse your website and social media statistics and make sure you have posts ready to go, or scheduled to go, during those very important time frames.

  9. Engage with your audience: if someone gives you good feedback on your social media don’t be afraid to thank them and ask them to vote for you - they'll likely be more than willing too!

  10. Offer a prize: If your customers are following you on social media, then they obviously love your brand and your products. What better way to incentivise them to vote for you than to offer one of those products as a prize? It doesn't have to be anything big or expensive! Just make sure you tell them to "like" your post too so you can track who's in the draw and pick a winner from there. We can only provide you with details of those who have made an account to vote, not those who voted as a guest.