Retail Product & Merchandising


Want to know how to attract customers?

As a store owner there are many elements that contribute to the sale of your products. Customers will form an impression on your retail store before they even step into your store. It's not just about what products a retail store sells to its customers, it's also how those products are merchandised that determines how successfully a retailer is able to sell the merchandise.

Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities available to you? Are you stimulating enough interest to entice customers to make a purchase? If you're thinking "hmmmm I'm not sure that I am!" - Then this workshop is perfect for you to check in and learn best practice techniques.

Stepping away from you store will allow you to reflect on your store experience and get inspiration for new ideas to take back to your business.

Target audience: Store owners, store managers, and team leaders.

Level: This course is designed for both experienced retailers and those new to the industry.

"Engaging, pleasant and knowledgeable"

- Ruchika M, Dove Hospice