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Switch to Meridian and make the most of their Black Friday offer - exclusive to Retail NZ members.

Customary Closedowns

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The Holidays Act allows your businesses to closedown once per year, allowing your staff to take annual holidays, refresh and recharge for, in most cases, the Christmas break. However, there are cer...

Getting Ready for Christmas

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As the Christmas season approaches, Retail NZ is sharing all the information you'll need to know for a successful holiday season. Keep checking in for updated tips about recruitment and staffing, m...

Advice Service

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Our Advice Service was made for businesses like yours, who need a helping hand now and then, or just find it useful to check in to see that you're on the right track.

About Membership

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Running a business is exciting, challenging and tough at times! Let us help make things easier, so you can put your energy into delivering a great experience for your customers and keep them coming...

The Register

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The Register writer Makayla Wallace-Tidd talks about the Christmas shopping experience in the retail environment. What can consumers expect, and how are retailers catering to the needs of their cus...

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