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Ecommerce for Retail: SEO Marketing - Website Optimisation

November 2020

How do your customers find you? "80% of customers use search engines like Google to find local information" (Flight Digital). Get your ecommerce store in front of your customers, by harnessing the power of Search Engine Optimisation for your website.

In this Ecommerce for Retail webinar, our Digital Marketing Exec Tammy Kuo will show you how to use SEO to increase your customer traffic and sales opportunities! If you're a business owner or if you run an ecommerce site, and you're new to SEO, then this webinar is for you!

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Include your customers' Google search terms in your website.
  • Optimise your website for higher Google rankings.
  • Target your local customers.

'SEO Marketing - Website Optimisation' is Part Two of our three-part series on SEO Marketing for Retail.

Minimising retail crime over Black Friday & Christmas

October 2020

In this video we will be talking about everything from how to prevent shop theft in the first place to what you and your team need to know about what to do should you do become a target. We'll be talking about the practicalities of staff safety and actions you can take in these situations as well as your legal rights and those of offenders.

Check out this intensive 30 minute video where we will be sharing some great tips to help you prepare for the Festive Season rush!

How to get better business outcomes from your lease

October 2020

Got questions around renting retail space in a world impacted by COVID-19? Want to learn more about the key risks to consider in a lease?

In this webinar, Occupize Directors Jay Hong and Rachel Nottingham will go through some of key things to know when looking at and negotiating with your landlord. They'll be covering:

  • Leasing in the current Retail Climate
  • Key Risks to consider in the lease
  • Understanding property expenses and strategies around reducing costs

Ecommerce for Retail: SEO Marketing - Getting Started

July 2020

How do your customers find you? 88% of mobile searches for local businesses result in calling or visiting the business within 24 hours. If you're not making yourself searchable on Google, you're missing out on key business opportunities!

In this webinar, our Digital Marketing Executive, Tammy Kuo will show you how to get started with Search Engine Optimisation, so that you can be on your way towards that prime position - the first search results page! You'll learn how to:

  • Set up your tools for SEO
  • Define your SEO goals
  • Research prime keywords for your business
  • Map keywords to different stages of your customer journey.

Operational Recovery for Retailers

July 2020

At Retail NZ we know just how hard our members are working to recover from the financial setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We're on a drive to help retailers take an objective look at their businesses and to focus on areas to streamline operations and make savings without compromising the skills and capacity of their staff or their product offering.

This webinar will start you on an evaluation journey to help you make some forward-thinking changes that will not only fast track recovery in the short term, but also safeguard your operation for the future. Natalie Frauenstein, Retail Operations Specialist will be walking you through:

  • staffing and rostering
  • product considerations
  • supplier relationships
  • selling platforms
  • and ways to increase consumer basket size.

De-escalating Upset and Angry Customers

June 2020

Right now as we navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are finding themselves under significant stress - nerves are frayed and tempers are likely to be a little more volatile than usual.

As a great retailer you understand that your success is directly related to the relationships you foster with your customers. Despite our best-laid plans however, things don't always work out the way we intended and we can find ourselves confronted by upset or angery customers. These situations can be unexpected and unpleasant, but they also provide great opportunities to revisit our processes and help us to improve the customer experience we offer.

This short workshop will give your staff insight into the underlying reasons for the behaviour they see. They will gain invaluable de-escalation skills to turn difficult interactions into successful results. Having the know-how to manage these situations with confidence and professionalism are not only empowering for your team, but can restore and further strengthen the customer relationship and your good reputation. Please print out the workbook to use with this workshop.

How to Restructure your Retail Business

June 2020

With uncertainty being a very tangible reality for many retailers right now, many business owners find themselves in the difficult position of considering restructures that may lead to redundancies.

Restructuring can be challenging for any business owner. This webinar will ensure that retailers are equipped with sound and practical information as they prepare for change. We will cover some of the most common mistakes business owners make so that you can avoid these costly pitfalls.

You'll be given a framework within which you can confidently work to circumvent any procedural missteps which could potentially lead to disputes and grievances.

We will also share a tried and trusted step by step process for you to follow to safeguard you in an area that may be unfamiliar territory for you.

How COVID-19 has changed the retail shopper

May 2020

More than ever, succeeding in the retail environment through and post Covid-19 is going to require tenacity and a changed mindset on the part of retailers. Just as the mindset of your customer persona has undoubtedly changed as a result of the economic impact of this global pandemic, it may be time to evaluate how you will adapt your store, your offering and the way you do business.

In this webinar Retail NZ CEO Greg Harford and Natalie Frauenstein the Retail Operations Specialist will be discussing the changed consumer mindset, what is going to be important to consumers going forward and how you as a retailer can adapt your operation to meet these new and ever-changing needs.

Ecommerce for Retail: Navigation

May 2020

What makes an attractive website? Emotive, immediate, and highly visual, any retailer who wants to succeed in today's market will have a strong ecommerce presence. Digital Marketing Executive, Tammy Kuo will show you the fundamentals of creating a clear ecommerce customer experience, which will strengthen your brand, and increase online and in-store sales. You'll learn:

  • Basics and best practice for your website.
  • Principles for mobile optimisation.
  • Successful web conventions for ecommerce.
  • Introduction to content marketing.

Operating in Covid Alert Level 2 and beyond

May 2020

As we move to Alert Level 2, Retail NZ CEO Greg Harford will show you the 5 key actions business owners need to implement, with Natalie Frauenstein, our Retail Operations Specialist. They'll also discuss tips and ideas for your business. You'll learn how to:

  1. Manage your team and keep your people safe.
  2. Organise systems to ensure physical distancing.
  3. Maintain personal hygiene, and how to handle cash.
  4. Carry out safe cleaning protocols for your store.
  5. Support contact tracing.

How to Thrive in Retail During the Pandemic

April 2020

Join us for this recorded webinar were we'd like to help you put things in perspective, take a step back and reassess the future of your retail operation. We'll give you the tools to help you to reset and refocus, and to take an objective look at how you can do things differently to bring a little more certainly and assurance back into your world. We'll provide a framework through which to view and audit your business and help you design a workable short-term strategy to propel your business forward successfully.

Getting Retail Ready for Level 2

April 2020

Chris Quin is the Chief Executive Officer of Foodstuffs North Island, and will be joining us for a FREE webinar to discuss the key learnings from operating during the lockdown. We will be discussing customer behaviour, new practices implemented as a result of COVID-19, health and safety, and new technologies.

Getting Started with Shopify

April 2020

Shopify have recorded a complimentary "Getting Started with Shopify" webinar to help Retail NZ members understand what's needed to get up and running with an eCommerce store.

Coronavirus & Your Business

March 2020

Do you know how to prepare your business for the potential impacts of the Coronavirus? Our Retail Operations Specialist Natalie Frauenstein and our Business Advisor Ashleigh Waterman show you how to best manage your team during this time.

Employment Law Changes

March 2019

There are big changes coming in employment law that may affect your business. Our Business Advisor Olly Boyd details the employment law changes in 2019.

Guide to Plastic Bag Ban

June 2018

What are your options, following the single-use plastic bag ban? Our Policy Advisor Emily Duncan details how you can comply with the new laws.

Grow your Business with Alipay

October 2018

Find out how Alipay can grow your business. In collaboration with our great friends at Eftpos NZ.

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Updated 18 November 2020.